To get relief from pain, many people these days consider including tiny electrical impulses as a part of their therapy. This type of therapy where electricity is used to get relief from pain is known as “transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation or TENS”. TENS was first introduced in the late 1960s and since then it is being used by many doctors all over the world for treating their patients and providing them quick relief from pain.

According to historians, people of as early as 250 BC, discovered that electricity can be used to numb pain. Roman physicians found that standing on an electric fish can give relief from pain. During this period, no one knew what electricity was all about and therefore didn’t know whether it could be used for healing pain. But in the late 1970s many people started using TENS, even though it was discovered in the late 1960s.  Today, you can get different types of TENS machines that can produce a wide range of electric signals that can be used for the treatment of various types of pain. How can you buy the best tens unit for home use? Let’s have a look.

How TENS Work?

The process of TENS involves keeping small electrodes that conduct electricity in the body of a person suffering from severe muscle pain. These electrodes are attached to a device that sends electric waves. They send small electrical impulses through these electrodes to that part of the patient’s body where pain is experienced. The technology behind this approach is that electricity will prevent the messages about the pain reaching the patient’s brain and therefore ensure the patient gets quick relief. Another theory behind TENS is that electricity that reaches your body encourages your body to prepare more endorphins. The endorphins are considered as natural pain relievers.

Is TENS Safe?

Medical experts, after conducting a lot of research have confirmed that TENS is 100% safe. Even though 100% guarantee is not given by any medical organization on the effect of TENS therapy, they have confirmed that many patients have got relief from pain using TENS therapy/machines. But if not used properly, TENS machine can cause damages to your skin and therefore it is recommended to get the help of your physician on how to use the TENS machine efficiently.

Can everyone use a TENS Machine?

People use a TENS machine to get relief from pain. By using a TENS machine, you can get relief from pain in the muscles, nerves and joints. There are no known side effects of using a TENS machine. But, however, a TENS machine should not be used by people who fall in the following category discussed below:

  1. A pregnant woman should be careful using a TENS machine as it cant be used throughout pregnancy.
  2. When you are not aware of the exact reason for the pain, you should not use a TENS machine. It is better to consult a doctor first and let him diagnose what is the root cause of pain. Once the doctor recommends you to use a TENS machine, you can go ahead and use it to get relief from pain.
  3. A person using pacemaker should not use a TENS machine.
  4. People who are epileptic or have heart problems are advised not to use a TENS machine.

Benefits of Using a Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation or TENS

Following an injury, electrical muscle stimulation is used for the recovery of muscles as a part of the early stages of the rehabilitation process. Through this treatment, doctors try to build the tone of the bone and strengthen the weakened muscles. Another benefit of electrical muscle stimulation is that it can be used for slowing down the process of muscle atrophy, a disease that reduces the mass of muscles in some patients.

For sports persons who suffered muscle injuries or tissue injuries, TENS therapy can be used to aid the recovery process. It provides faster result compared to physical therapy. Studies have proven that when electric stimulation is provided, it helps muscles and tissues regain the lost strength, mass, tone and become more active.

TENS therapy is also used on persons as it offers relief from stress. It can bring about a lot of comfort and stress relief as it improves the blood circulation.

For years now, TENS is used on people suffering from severe back pain as it has given patients temporary relief from back pain.

Due to the various benefits offered by TENS, doctors have started recommending patients to buy the best tens unit for home use so that they can use it for their personal needs.

Types of TENS Machines

There are 3 types of TENS machines. They are combination tens machines, handheld tens machines and miniature tens machines.

Combination TENS Machine

A combination TENS machine is a TENS and EMS machine combined in one single unit. It is generally considered as the best TENS machine as the combination can relieve you from any pain. The TENS function will eliminate the pain in your muscles and the EMS function will help in muscle building.

Hand Held TENS Machine

A hand held TENS machine is what we usually buy from shops. You can get powerful hand held TENS machines that work on powerful batteries. These type of machines can be carried along easily and you can use it from anywhere anytime without any worry. When buying a hand held TENS machine, you have to make sure it has a powerful battery. Otherwise, there will be no effect of it and it will end up as a useless device.

Miniature TENS Machine

Miniature TENS machines are very small in size and are usually used when travelling. The effectiveness of these type of TENS machines largely depend upon the quality of batteries used. Most doctors do not recommend using a miniature TENS machine as it has less power to provide you relief from pain.

Features to look in a Best TENS Unit

Best Tens Unit? There are many varieties of TENS machines in the market. It is not easy for a common man to decide which model to buy. Before you set to buy a TENS machine, you need to properly understand the use of a TENS machine and the various features it offers. You need to make sure the selected model will be able to give the desired results. Get the help of your physician for choosing the right model or search for the best tens unit reviews conducted by experts. Here are some features you need to consider when buying the best tens unit.


When buying a TENS machine, you need to make sure the overall design of the machine is matching your requirement. Make sure the buttons or touch pads are working properly and cannot be adjusted by mistake. The best design will be having a cover over the adjustments so that it will not be adjusted accidentally.

LED Display

You don’t want your TENS machine to have a tiny display that can make reading difficult. The LED display should be large enough for you to view the readings properly without any difficulty. The controls present in the TENS machine should be labeled properly so that you can make the necessary adjustments without any mistake.


The battery compartment of the TENS machine should be properly covered and protected so that there is no chance of any mishap. The AC adapter should be well protected and the chord should have enough length so that you can charge it whenever it is possible.


Lookout for products with extended warranty as it indicates the confidence the manufacturer has in his product. Before you decide to buy a product, check out for reviews and then decide the one that suits your requirement.


It is important to know the company and the supplier who is supplying the TENS machine. Gather as much information about the company as possible to ensure they have good history and their track record is good. Keep in mind you’re buying a medical product, so it is better to buy from a trusted source. The supplier information is also vital as you need to ensure they provide good customer service in case you come across any issues with the system within the guarantee period.

Best 5 TENS & Muscle Stimulators You Can Buy in 2017

In the following discussion, let us see the tens unit reviews for the five best tens & muscle stimulators you can buy today.

HealthmateForever TENS & Muscle Stimulator US Patent No. USD723178S

best tens unit

HealthmateForever TENS & Muscle Stimulator US Patent No. USD723178S is a multifunctional massager from HealthmateForever. It is specifically designed for baby boomers and elders. The LCD screen of the TENS machine is large enough for the elderly to see the readings clearly and button are designed in such a way that you can easily choose the right options. This advanced stimulator has 15 modes and 4 outputs that help you to target the right areas. You can adjust the levels easily so that the right intensity and frequency is supplied to reduce pain. You can use this machine anywhere at any time for stimulating your nerves and providing complete relaxation to your body. You can use 4 outputs or a single output at a time without worrying about the intensity. All the buttons are clearly visible and labeled with the words “Neck”, “Back”, “Shoulder”, “Elbow” and “Knee”, The TENS machine works for 80 minutes continuously without recharging and is automatically switched off when the charge drains out.

The HealthmateForever TENS & Muscle Stimulator has an easy to read LCD screen with 15 modes. The LCD screen displays clear information about the remaining time left for the current session, has a battery indicator and an intensity level indicator. By pressing any button, you can turn on the light on the LCD screen so that you can see the information even when you are in a dark room. It has 9 auto stimulation programs, 6 options for selecting massage settings, full adjustable speed and intensity settings. The TENS & muscle stimulator is designed to provide high frequency pulses to get instant relief from muscle pain.

The device comes with 3 AAA batteries that are completely replaceable. The auto shut off feature of HealthmateForever TENS & Muscle Stimulator ensures power is saved when the machine is not in use. You can use this device under the supervision of physicians or your family doctor if you are suffering from any acute disease. The product comes with lifetime warranty and one of the best and affordable TENS and muscle stimulator. The product has an overall rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars from 3149 Amazon customer reviews.


Pure Enrichment PurePulse Pro TENS Unit Muscle Stimulator

best tens unit

PurePulse Pro TENS muscle stimulator is a 2 in 1 machine that provides pain relief and muscle stimulation. The unit uses 4 electrodes at the same time to give you quick relief from any muscle pain. Many chiropractors and physiotherapists recommend patients to use PurePulse Pro TENS and muscle stimulator and is considered to be the number one choice by many. The pocket size muscle stimulator provides high quality massage therapy similar to that provided by your physician, without going to the hospital. The TENS unit and muscle stimulator provides the user with an option to choose from 25 levels of intensity. This feature allows you to set different intensity values that suits different parts of the body.

You can customize your treatment with easy to use LCD screen in the PurePulse Pro TENS unit. You can choose 8 pre-designed programs from your LCD screen and can set the timer from 5 – 60 minutes. With the help of PurePulse Pro TENS unit muscle stimulator, you can get medical grade pain management system within the comfort of your home.

The product comes with video series that contains a detail section about how to use the product and contains detailed instructions and exercise for the treatment of pain for your neck, shoulders, back, knees, hamstring and arms. When you buy the PurePulse Pro TENS unit muscle stimulator, you will get a designer carry case, 4 electrodes, 2 connector pads and 3 AAA batteries. The product comes with a 2 year warranty. The product has an overall rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars from 626 Amazon customer reviews.


TENS 7000

best tens unit

TENS 7000 is a TENS unit for pain management, back pain and rehabilitation. It is considered to be one of the best TENS unit and is very popular among buyers. The 2nd edition model comes up with 10mA strong output. One of the main attractions of TENS 7000 is that it comes with a digital processor that is more accurate, durable and user friendly compared to other models in the market. The amplitude knobs present in the unit provide the user with graph intensity of the level settings set by you.

Many doctors recommend TENS 7000 as it is capable of providing instant relief from acute pain, pain relief for your neck, shoulders and back, relaxation for muscle spasms and increases blood circulation. The unit can use 2 or 4 electrodes and comes up with 5 program modes. TENS 7000 can store up to 60 sets of operation records and can handle up to 999 hours of recorded time. When running on low battery, the indicator displays a light on the LCD screen making it easy for the user to know when to recharge the batteries. The 4 inch long LCD screen makes it easier for the user to read the readings.

The product comes with an instruction manual, 4 electrodes, unit wires, 9 volt battery and a carry case. TENS 7000 has a 1 year warranty and it is one of the best TENS and muscle stimulator you can get at this range. The product has an overall rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars from 2726 Amazon customer reviews.


Santamedical Electronic Tens Unit Handheld Pulse Massager

best tens unit

Santamedical is a new brand and their TENS unit is super powerful. This TENS unit is best for shoulder pain and back pain and is the most advanced TENS and pulse massager that we currently have. The small sized TENS unit is easy to carry along and can be taken anywhere you go without any difficulty.

This TENS unit has 6 massage modes for each area in your body. These modes have preset intensity and speed levels that you cannot change. When you just touch any of these modes, it will automatically start massaging providing the necessary intensity and speed.

Santamedical Electronic TENS unit has triangular shaped buttons in the middle to adjust the speed. It also has knobs to adjust the intensity. The small sized LCD screen displays information such as the time left for the massage session to finish, the intensity levels, massage mode set by the user and the amount of battery left.

Using the Santamedical electronic TENS unit, you can continuously treat your pain for 15 minutes in a stretch. After 15 minutes, the device will stop automatically and you have to start the new session again. The easy to use device is particularly good for sore and stiff muscles. The auto massage button helps you to choose which program you need to use for massaging. You just have to press the repeat button when you’re in the auto massage mode to repeat the program.

The product comes with 4 AAA batteries and has 6V DC power consumption. The only drawback about the batteries is that you cannot recharge them so when buying, you need to choose the most powerful AAA batteries. Santamedical electronic TENS unit comes with 4 electrode pads, 4 AAA batteries, 2 lead wires and an instruction manual. It has a 1 year warranty period. The user friendly product has an overall rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars from 3252 Amazon customer reviews.


TruMedic TENS Unit Electronic Pulse Massager

best tens unit

TruMedic TENS unit is considered to be one of the best relaxation devices available in the market. Using this powerful TENS unit, you can get instant relief from chronic pain, soreness and stiffness. The ISO certified product is manufactured with high quality materials. The FDA approved product is completely suitable for home use.

TruMedic TENS unit comes with 5 adjustable programs, adjustable speed, intensity settings and high frequency pulses. It is completely suitable for any kind of muscle pain. The machine is ideal for beginners as the auto programs feature helps them to select whatever kind of massage they need for their body part. The auto stimulation program comes with 3 different modes. They are massage, beating and kneading.

TruMedic TENS unit is an easy to use pulse massager. They are clearly labeled, so you don’t have to worry about changing the intensity and speed. Just choose what option you need and use it to get quick relief from pain. The versatile product focuses on the exact area where pain is experienced and you get instant relief without any side effects. The simple product can be used for any part of your body without worrying as it is completely tested and approved by medical association.

The large LCD screen displays all the necessary information to the users making it an easy to use device for elders. The LCD screen displays information such as time left to complete the chosen massage, speed and intensity. Every massage section lasts for 15 minutes and after that the unit stops automatically.  So, you don’t have to worry about over using the unit.

TruMedic TENS unit is a device that offers high durability, excellent features and effectiveness. The product comes with 4 sets of electrode pads and a video tutorial. The unit is powered by 4 AAA batteries. The device is not rechargeable. Therefore, you need to choose powerful batteries. The company offers 90 days warranty for the TENS unit. It is one of the best TENS machine you can get today. The product has an overall rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars from 3976 Amazon customer reviews.


Wrapping it up

A TENS machine is an effective device that can give instant relief from muscle and joint pains. Today, people with the guidance and recommendations from their doctors have started using the TENS machine within the comfort of their home to get relief from pains they are suffering. All the models given above are quality checked and approved and have good features. You can check the reviews and feedback given by online buyers to guarantee that the model you have chosen is the best tens unit to match your needs.