Tens Unit Pregnancy | Tens Unit During Pregnancy? | Is It Safe?

tens unit pregnancy

Tens Unit Pregnancy, If you’re thinking what is a Tens Unit, check out our articles about Tens Unit and its benefits. There are also articles about best Tens Unit for you to use based on user reviews.

Tens Unit Pregnancy?

Is it really safe to use Tens Unit during pregnancy? Does it have any side effects? This has a lot of mixed answers from the users. Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) has been used by pregnant women for many years without any reported side effects for either mother or the baby.

TENS should not be the initial treatment of choice for women presenting with musculoskeletal pain during pregnancy. It is only used when musculoskeletal pain during pregnancy remains even after medication and cant afford to take strong pain medications as it can cross the placental barrier and affect the fetus and it has been suggested that TENS enhances placental blood and it is not recommended to use Tens Unit throughout pregnancy.

How It Works?

It works by keeping small electrodes that conduct electricity in the body of a person suffering from severe muscle pain. These electrodes are attached to a device that sends electric waves. They send small electrical impulses through these electrodes to that part of the patient’s body where pain is experienced. The technology behind this approach is that electricity will prevent the messages about the pain reaching the patient’s brain and therefore ensure the patient gets quick relief.

Reasons To Use Tens Unit During Pregnancy

  • Tens Unit doesn’t interfere with your labor and very safe compared to strong pain medications.
  • There are almost no side effects to usage of Tens Unit during pregnancy.
  • Use of Tens Unit increases placental blood flow.
  • Can use it yourself while pregnant without the help of others, very small and portable, so you’ll be able to move while using it.
  • As it replaces exercises which is lot harder during pregnancy.

When Not To Use Tens Unit?

  • Always avoid using Tens Unit if you have a Pacemaker or heart rhythm problem.
  • If your’e in shower, bath, birth pool or anywhere around water.
  • For an undiagnosed pain or have epilepsy.
  • Its always recommended to consult a doctor and diagnose the root of the pain before using Tens Unit.
  • Rarely induces uterine contractions only if used on specific acupuncture points(Depends on the individual), if this happens you should stop using Tens Unit and consult the doctor.

How To Get A Tens Unit?

Now Tens Unit are not that expensive as it was before, you’ll need to buy Tens Unit to use at home.  Shop around online for the best deal. It is cheaper in the long run to buy rather than hire as you can use it again yourself in the future to get the best value. TENS can also be used for other types of pain, such as back pain and period pain. Below are the list of best tens unit from amazon.com based on popularity and useful user reviews.

Tens Unit Pregnancy | 5 Best Tens Unit Based On User Reviews

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